Visions of Sugarplums

Visions of Sugarplums, a Pottsboro-based non-profit organization, provides nutritious, prepackaged breakfast and lunch food during winter break, spring break, and all summer to students in the Pottsboro Independent School District who qualify for the free or reduced-cost meal program in the schools and whose parents apply for VOS assistance. VOS also provides food on weekends to children whose families are in special need. About 20,000 meals were provided in 2013. VOS needs volunteers year-round to sack and deliver food. In addition, gifts of cash and/or canned goods are always welcome.

The VOS Board of Directors includes:
Debbie Edmonds, Greg-Ellen Hancock, Virgie Holbrook, Summer Holbrook, Dana Hyatt, Rod Leird, Melanie Love, and Mike Waterman.

To find out more, please like Visions of Sugarplums 501 (c) (3) on Facebook.

Rev. Virgie Holbrook, president of the VOS Board of Directors, can be reached at:
or 501 Spur 316, Suite 104, Pottsboro, TX 75076.

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