Premier Lake Texoma Fishing

Striped bass are the most popular sport fish in the lake. They are widely distributed and can be 20 pounds and larger. Most are around 15 to 18 inches long and provide excellent angling.

They are early spring spawners. They spawn upstream on the Red River and Washita River and return to the main lake in
late spring. They can be found from Juniper Point to Preston Point on the Red River arm and Roosevelt Bridge to Washita Point on the Washita River arm. Look for them in the channels. Lots of surfacing activity from
Alberta Creek around to Mclaughlin Creek and up into Platter Bay.

In the summer, they are pretty well distributed all over the lake especially the table top located between Preston and Washita Points and Sunset Cove. Typically they surface near the Eisenhower Dam at daylight and migrate around the bluffs to Navigation Point then sound and show up later at West Burns Run with lots of action on the surface
in between.

In the fall, sea gulls return to the lake and they announce the presence of feeding striped bass by diving and feeding on shad being driven to the surface by marauding stripers. Basically this action can take place anywhere on the lake, but is most common in shallow waters of the main pool and extends upstream on both river arms. The islands can offer some excellent angling opportunities.

The sea gulls are still with us indicating the presence of feeding striped bass. They also tend to run shad up into shallow waters. During this time they can be found around the bluffs around Eisenhower State Park, along the dam, and up both river arms generally in the channel. They start upstream migration to spawn in February. Look for lots of big fish upstream of the Shepard AFB Annex.

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